big CX ride

Ok, it wasn’t a “proper” ‘cross ride given that half of it (or more) was on roads, but I did manage 46 miles. The route went kind of like this – Prestwich/Radcliffe/Ainsworth/Bradshaw/Edgworth/Strawbury Duck/Edge Lane (running)/Whitton Weavers Way/A666/Belmont/Winter Hill (running)/Rivvy/Hordern Stoops/Belmont Rd/Bromley Cross/Turton/Affetside/Walshaw/Back home. 1600 metres of climbing and about 3.5 hours in total. I went out before tea and found out that a litre of energy drink and 2 gels were no substitute for a good meal.

Anyway, I only started to get blurred vision once I was back in Whitefield so no real harm done. I did spend a good hour eating the contents of the kitchen when I got back though. I had planned to go from Turton over to Crowthorn, past the maggot farm and over to Holcome Moor, returning home via Ramsbottom too, but I guess I didn’t realise that the route was so bloody long and decided not to. I had to be in work early this morning and I thought I was going to be shot to shit as it was, without being out for another hour or so.

It was a lovely night last night. I couldn’t work out why I only saw two other cyclists, given that summer has momentarily arrived.

3 Peaks next week. I’m feeling quite ready now. Even so, ‘GULP!’