220 Triathlon were at HTN apparently

One of their writers did quite well (8th in the solo) and there’s a nice article about the race in this month’s mag. I only knew about it when a triathlete at work told me about it. It’s a typical triathlete’s perspective I suppose, loads of “keeping it under level 2” and that, but it’s good coverage and we’ll probably do them a banner or something at the next one.

Buy it. But don’t blame me if you max out your credit card on a 9K Serotta shortly afterwards.


I did this morning’s ride last night instead (Ainsworth, Bradshaw, Crowthorn, Maggot Farm, Holcombe Moor, home). The roads and bridleways were very dry considering the recent weather, but the run across Holcombe Moor to the flagpole and back down to the tower was a soaking wet boggy nightmare (especially in the dark).

I’m impressed by the Land Cruisers. I was expecting them to be heavy and draggy but they’re actually not draggy at all (they’re still reassuringly heavy though). In fact, the centre strip of continuous tread makes them quiet and very fast rolling, much nippier than the Maxxis Locusts I normally use. They’re pretty good at cornering at speed too. The new brake pads are after market jobs instead of genuine Avids. Bedding them in and getting them to bite is proving to be a slow process, in fact 30-odd miles last night including some big downhills to glaze them over still hasn’t got them working properly so I may end up getting some “real” ones and keeping these as spares. You know that they say, “Buy cheap, buy twice.” Bah.

I got home to find Deb hosing Rachael down in the shower. She’d puked everywhere. Great.

Sunday is the MTL Challenge. The only person doing it that I know is Shaun Wells, so it should be fun trying to hang onto the wheel of an elite rider for 47 miles…