Mary Townley Challenge

I’ve ridden the MTL a few times in the past. It’s a big loop (47 miles), 90% offroad and there’s loads of big hills. The last time I rode it I was on a singlespeed and I managed 5:20-ish. That was some time ago so this time I was hoping to improve on that time. Oh, and this time I was on a geared bike.

I lined up at the start on the front row. After the contdown from 10, we were off. Or rather everyone else was off – for some reason I couldn’t clip in for a few seconds and I was monging around like I lost about 20 places at the start! Doh! Simon came over to wave me off and I’m sure I could hear him chuckle at my less-than impressive start 😉

It was a nice day but the persistent rain in recent weeks meant that there were plenty of big brown puddles; after 2 miles everyone was covered from top to toe in gloop and cow poo. Apart from that, it was the MTL. Up, down, up, down, up…etc.

The results will be out later this week but those that were counting said I was 6th or perhaps 7th, with a time of 4:50.  I’m chuffed. So chuffed that I’ve treated myself to a chippy tea tonight.

8 thoughts on “Mary Townley Challenge

  1. I’ve ridden almost all of the loop in bits but never done more than 30 miles at once. Wanted to do it today but family pulling me elsewhere and to be honest I was cacked anyway after 2hrs 40 on the cross bike this morning up Winter Hill and round Entwhistle. Something tells me the MTL would be better enjoyed with some suspension. Good result though for a non-race (yeah./…!)

  2. That’s pretty impressive considering the conditions, I finished in 7hrs 52 mins which was faster than last year. What you guys at the fornt don’t realise though is it’s 10 times harder at the back, imagnine wet ground after 126 othe riders have been through, some of it looked like slurry!

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