big CX ride

Ok, it wasn’t a “proper” ‘cross ride given that half of it (or more) was on roads, but I did manage 46 miles. The route went kind of like this – Prestwich/Radcliffe/Ainsworth/Bradshaw/Edgworth/Strawbury Duck/Edge Lane (running)/Whitton Weavers Way/A666/Belmont/Winter Hill (running)/Rivvy/Hordern Stoops/Belmont Rd/Bromley Cross/Turton/Affetside/Walshaw/Back home. 1600 metres of climbing and about 3.5 hours in total. I went out before tea and found out that a litre of energy drink and 2 gels were no substitute for a good meal.

Anyway, I only started to get blurred vision once I was back in Whitefield so no real harm done. I did spend a good hour eating the contents of the kitchen when I got back though. I had planned to go from Turton over to Crowthorn, past the maggot farm and over to Holcome Moor, returning home via Ramsbottom too, but I guess I didn’t realise that the route was so bloody long and decided not to. I had to be in work early this morning and I thought I was going to be shot to shit as it was, without being out for another hour or so.

It was a lovely night last night. I couldn’t work out why I only saw two other cyclists, given that summer has momentarily arrived.

3 Peaks next week. I’m feeling quite ready now. Even so, ‘GULP!’

5 thoughts on “big CX ride

  1. Sounds a good ride but where is the maggot farm? I feel like I should know where a local landmark like that is, I need to get out and explore round Ramsbottom I get the feeling there is a lot of riding there.

  2. go up the road that becomes a rough track from Crowthorn School. Before you get to the stream crossing within the Holcombe firing range there’s a farmhouse where they farm maggots.
    Sometimes your nose will tell you where it is.

  3. “3 Peaks next week. I’m feeling quite ready now. Even so, ‘GULP!’”

    GULP?? Mate, you’ve done the Cristalp! Yer in fine fettle. Barring mechanicals or prangs you will fly round. Fact.

  4. alternatively y0ou can get to the maggot farm just by continuing along Moorbottom Road from the Shoulder of Mutton Pub. On your right when you hit tarmac.
    Good luck for the weekend Jase – it’ll be great!

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