route suggestion needed

I really, really enjoyed last night’s ride. This is the last time I’ll mention being ill for what seemed like an eternity because I think it’s getting quite boring but last night was the first time in ages, certainly since I started to feel crap, that I was loving riding my bike. Surprising really, as the milder temperature has returned my usual route to the traditional winter quagmire.

Probably as a result of my optimistic mood I felt physically stronger than I have done in ages too. I even cleaned the steep climb past Roger’s flat up to the start of Trim The Bush*

It’s all good again.

Anyway – I’ve got a road century planned for Sunday but I’ve not decided on a route. I was thinking of going West towards the coast and making it mainly flat or heading North to Horton in Ribblesdale and back, taking in the Nick of Pendle on the way. Or perhaps East over the border into Yorkshire….or South to the Peak District and into Cheshire.

What would YOU do?


*it’s a longish story

6 thoughts on “route suggestion needed

  1. I made mine flat by heading out to the coast. I thought a january century was hard enough without adding in hills!

    Glad you’ve worked out when you are doing it!

  2. I’m going to ride past your next door neighbour’s house in the dark 7,000 times*.

    *It’s also a longish story.

  3. I’d ride out to Squamish and back. The SeaToSky highway gets a bit busy but it’s a cool ride. Me being such an experienced century rider an’ all.

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