the weather forecasts today are telling me that the high winds that are currently blasting outside are going to continue and get worse all night and into tomorrow. 60mph gusts are expected around here, so I’m rethinking my century ride strategy….I’ll probably get the mountain bike out and “stay low” and preferably off the roads. Next weekend will hopefully be more suitable. I know I should just toughen up, but hey ho. I’d rather avoid 60mph headwinds on the road bike if possible.

It looks like the “lucky few” racing this weekend at the Strathpuffer 24 are going to get battered by a full-on hurricane and blizzards. I wish I was there. honest.

EDIT: Another BBC stitch-up. No wind AT ALL this morning. I didn’t bother fixing the road bike yesterday as I was expecting trees to be falling over and stuff. Bah.