Impending failure

It’s not looking likely that I’ll do a century ride in January, despite me picking up Trio’s gauntlet at the start of the year. Bit of a bummer really, but logistics have been difficult this month, oh and there was the weekend where I got all panicky about some weather.  My January mileage will be about 350 at best. Pathetic.

Anyhoo, I’m still doing the belated Christmas Cracker sportive on Sunday and that’s over 100 miles…but it’s on the 1st Feb. I’m up in Scotland a couple of weeks after that, so perhaps I can ride back…? That’s a double century, that is. I’ll probably have to drive the van back though.

If I can do more than one century in Feb (perhaps 3) then maybe I won’t get disqualified for a first offence 😉

Nice ride on the “bobble hat bike” last night though, apart from the ride down Bradshaw Rd from Affetside. It’s so rough that it made my rear Dinotte disconnect from the battery. Definately better as a climb that one.


EDIT: The Sportive on Sunday isn’t 100 miles after all – dunno if they’ve altered it but looks like I might need to leave the car 20 miles from the start!