An action-packed weekend. The Easter Bunny took time out from kicking ass and delivered loads of chocolate, Rachael was 2 on Sunday so we had a party, and we built a snowman (well, snowcyclops). I’ve not ridden half as much as I intended to, but that’s just how things tend to pan out these days. The training steps up a couple of gears this week now, so I’ve got to get my head into it. Only a few weeks until the Fred Whitton, then only a few weeks more than that until Mountain Mayhem so I’m doubling the weekly mileage at least.

Andrew, me and a small group of Hit The North entrants did a lap of the course today, we needed to make some adjustments to the route and it was a good opportunity to let others in on the plans and hopefully gain some good feedback/criticism/praise. Everyone looked like they were giving the course the thumbs up – rather predicatably though the tarmac section perhaps needs some fettling. It’s less than a mile in length and there’s rarely any cars on it, but it would be nice if we could make it more interesting. I’m off out again for another couple of laps and an exploration of a couple of trails that might allow us to reduce the amount of road. I think we’ve also decided on a “chicken run” for those that don’t fancy the bombhole. I’ll have to get out with my folding shovel soon….