Bouncing off stuff

Two laps of the HTN course (plus a couple of variations) late last night on the singlespeed, returning at around midnight which is a late one even for me.   I got a bit carried away at one point after watching “24 Solo” on DVD earlier on and crashed into a tree. Nearly knocked my head off and I’ve got a badly grazed and bruised shoulder.

About 10 minutes later I hit another tree with my other shoulder. Dunno what went on there. Then my HID lamp went out as I’d not bothered to charge the battery, leaving me with just the helmet lamp. I went slower after that and didn’t crash any more.

I’ve been riding plenty in the last week, but I’m not quite where I want to be with the total mileage. The clocks change this weekend so hopefully that will give me a boost; perhaps this summer won’t be as dreadful as last summer….