still windy


60 miles yesterday, most of it into another sodding strong headwind. I planned to ride to Rochdale then south on the Pennine Bridleway with some road bits inbetween. I’d forgot how rough the bridleway is between Hollingworth Lake and Piethorne Reservoir and almost rattled my teeth out. Just keeping my hands on the bars was a struggle, never mind riding to the bottom of the rock-strewn descent without crashing. I’m pleased I’ve taken the mudguards and slicks off the ‘cross bike and replaced them with “proper” tyres now though, this is much more fun and despite the tyres it’s still quick along the roads.

I took a short cut through Oldham and Glossop and rejoined the bridleway at Lantern Pike (I think). That was fun – dead busy though. The weather was great yesterday and it brought the walkers out in the hundreds. I was overdressed in fact – I’ve got used to temperatures around 4 degrees so 15 was making me sweat in my winter gear.