another year

Today is my birthday. I was up early as usual and had a nice ride (well, I’m saying nice. Sprinting up hills repeatedly isn’t particularly nice but there you go. Most of it was pretty sedate) for a couple of hours. Back for some breakfast and presents!

I got a canvas of ME riding a bike from my mum and dad. There’s a wall in the house that’s starting to resemble a bit of a shrine to Jason to be honest. Perhaps I should bung a few pics of the kids on there too. I got some aftershave. I got a new pair of Gore riding mitts (the fingerless type – not winter mittens!). I got an Earthed 5 DVD (ace). A personal visit and a card from my brother which I wasn’t expecting. I got a brilliant Gore windproof cycling jacket that’s all anatomically shaped and very, very orange. I got some new boxer shorts. I got a bottle of single malt….I’ve done rather well, I think you’ll agree.

We’re off out now into Manchester for a veggie meal at a great place called Oklahoma.