Tuesday’s ride

…wasn’t a ride. It had been raining all day and it was still cats n dogs so I went for a run instead. Running in the rain is good fun, however cycling in the rain gets on my wick. I’ll ride in the morning instead so hopefully the sun will come out or something wacky like that.

Whilst running I didn’t get chased by the pesky dog for a change. Normally when I’m out on the bike past this farm the dog comes running out onto the bridleway and barks and tries getting a mouthful of cyclist. I often swing an unclipped leg at it and it’s become a bit of a tradition. The last time this routine happened the other night I accelerated as usual, unclipped my right foot, shouted the usual profanity and swung the leg in the dog’s direction. As usual. This time though I caught it with the brass cleat on the bottom of the shoe. I’m not pootling along here so it’s had a proper one right across the gob. Oops.

After a brief pause, it started barking again. But it had stopped running. I’ll have to have a ride up there soon with a couple of Bonios.