YAY! week off!

It’s been a quiet week, relatively speaking. Early on I did nothing but clean mud off clothes and kit (washing riding clobber in a bucket prior to putting it in the washing machine), put camping gear away and sort bikes out. There’s still a fair bit to do, including strip down the Surly and flog it. It’ll be replaced with something nice, all in good time 😉 The Surly is an ok bike, but it’s not the nicest ride really. The angles just seem a bit weird, making it handle a bit funny at slower speeds. It’s great when flying downhill though. Maybe that’s the problem…it’s a bit of a boat. It’s heavy too.

I finally managed to get some riding and running done in the last couple of days, a nice ride last night on the CX bike and a run this morning followed by a trip to the pub tonight to talk about Hit the North 2….we’re still in “will we or won’t we?” mode but we should end up with some direction. Probably beer-assisted, but direction nonetheless.

I’ve got the next week off work, spending time with the kids, a trip to Cannock Chase planned and no doubt plenty of training for the 3 Peaks, which is now looming. What would make things easier would be an improvement in the weather!

I’m also considering entering the Strathpuffer 24. A 24 hour race, in January, north of Inverness. 17 hours of darkness, plenty of ice, plenty of hardship and suffering. Ace. We’d have to make a family break of it in the Highlands to justify the ridiculous amount of diesel that would be burned just getting there and back.