rain, sunshine, hills, tea and cake

Out on the CX bike this morning in the rain again. I do know that the new studs I’ve screwed into my cycling shoes work really well on steep wet hill scrambles whilst carrying a bike, so that’s good. The rain got heavier and heavier until I got about a mile from home where it just stopped suddenly. According to Deb there had been no bad weather in Prestwich for at least 2 hours. Grrrr.

After I’d dried off a bit we went up to Horton in Ribblesdale for a pint mug of tea and a comedy double pushchair er…push up Pen Y Ghent. We got part of the way up the bridleway before the girls started to complain about the bumpiness and I started to get bored of pushing the bloody thing.

We drove back kind of around Ingleborough and I can confirm that it’s really, really steep and BIG. I have to admit I felt a bit worried. It can’t be as hard as the Cristalp though. Can it?