singing ringing tree

I decided that I wasn’t going to be racing at Lee Quarry today, it would have been a logistical challenge too far just for a 90 minute race, so I went out uber-early on the road bike up towards Bacup (past Lee Quarry) and into Calderdale. 50 miles later I returned so that Deb could get on with her stuff.

We went to LQ later on just as the race was ending. Had a natter to Twinklydave who came 2nd, Rich and Ann who were there taking photos and Phil, who decided to enter the race in the “racer” category which was optimistic but he didn’t come last. Good lad!

We all then went up to the Singing Ringing Tree. The kids liked it even though it was totally silent (due to lack of wind), we had a picnic with a grand view and I got sunburnt again.

The weather looks like it’s going to continue for the rest of this week so I’m taking a day off to get another long ride in, in addition to the usual weekday darkness rides….probably the PBW down towards Buxton again

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  1. The weather was good yesterday! Ali went to the race and got some pics after dropping me off. She said she hadn’t heard about it which shows how much she listens to me!

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