50 miles on the road bike last night, Bury, Rochdale, Littleborough, Tod, Bacup Road (to Bacup, funnily enough) then over to Rawtenstall and back home through Ramsbottom. I started to get some pain in my left knee, which was weird. Stopped and unclipped and then clipped in again just in case my foot was slightly skewed, but there was definately something going ping when I was climbing out of the saddle. More news on that if/when my leg falls off.

Two young women in a car pulled up alongside me whilst climbing Bacup Road to offer me a pint! No idea. They were obviously more deranged than me.

I ended up walking half a mile through Prestwich to get home after I smashed my front wheel into yet another pothole and got a puncture. I was nearly home, it was nearly midnight, so I took the “waddling along the pavement in roadie shoes” option.