my new mongy grips

Another late night ride last night – a surprisingly short-and-felt-like-a-lot-more-than 35 miles but this time it was OFFROAD! Woohoo! It seems like ages since my last offroad ride. Everywhere is so dry and dusty at the moment, I had planned to ride a particular route but added a bit on for good measure. Plenty of climbing, plenty of rocks, cobbles and sheep. The best bit was my Ergon Grips that I’d just fitted to the Global – I’d heard some good reports about them but I was more impressed than I thought I would be. My hands normally feel a bit battered after 3 hours or so but these things are very comfy and offer loads of different hand positions. I wish I’d got some sooner in fact. Yes I know they look spazzy.

As usual for new bits, they started to rotate a bit by the time I got home which spoiled the party somewhat.

Anyway, why is it that every nook and cranny of the local bridleway network that are accessible by cars almost always contain a car full of young lads smoking dope?