and it was going so well…

Nice sunny weather all day yesterday, that was until I started to get ready for a ride. Then the rain started. Undeterred, I set off on my usual Macclesfield-via-the-Peaks route, feeling good despite the rain. Soon, the rain stopped and I was riding at a good average – my cold is definitely pretty much gone now as I only coughed up about 3 pounds of phlegm as opposed to 12 and that was early on in the ride. Once my lungs had opened up I felt fine. The climbs at Stalybridge, Chunal and Kettleshulme were dispatched quickly and I was feeling great….that was until the last 10 miles of the ride when I remembered that I’d not eaten anywhere near enough during the day – not only that, but I’d not bothered to bring anything with me. When will I learn? Just because the route is a familiar one I seemed to think that it was going to be easy. It wasn’t and I was getting dangerously close to the bonk. All I could think about was food – I swear if I’d seen anyone walking past I’d have asked them for some grub or just bit into them.

I stopped to get my heart rate down and to get my head together, set off again and kept the HR around 60%. I wasn’t sure if this would help in all honesty but it seemed to.

Within seconds of getting into the house I’d already eaten cake, a large bowl of cold baked beans and half a pint of milk….and that was just the start of a locust-style feeding frenzy (sorry about that Kath. Burp).


just as he left it

Freezing cold, dark, grimy winter misery is over for another few months, so I’ve ceremoniously removed the winter wheels and mudguards from the cyclocross bike and put the XTR wheels with Small Block 8 tyres back on (yay for fast dry-conditions CX tyres!). I also cleaned all the road grime and salt off the frame with some degreaser and greased the callipers in the brakes – the rear one was seized solid due to the salt on it. No wonder it felt crap.

I had a ride over to Rivington on it on Sunday morning to meet Junkyard John who had bought some bits off me. There were loads out on bikes and after a Twitter conversation the night before I found myself chasing people down whilst playing the theme from Jaws on my In-Head Jukebox. Well, it beats “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” any day of the week 😉

I stopped by Fred Dibnah’s house – it’s now got a blue paque on the front wall and I hear it’s being turned into a museum, which is brilliant. The back garden looks like he’s just stopped work for his dinner.


On the way back I met Deb and the kids and we had a picnic – good times. Due to me feeling pretty crap when I ride the bike still (this sodding cold just won’t admit it’s beaten) that was my only ride of the weekend; however I did go for a run twice. I’m doing more running than riding at the moment, which is good for my fitness but I’ve got to tip the balance back in favour of cycling now – not long until CLIC, then only a matter of weeks until Mayhem….bring it.

As usual, the hardest part will be sticking to the plan and staying motivated/awake. Oh, and not getting ill again would be really bloody handy.

I also managed to go and see shop-owner Shaun at Cooksons. I’d not been in since he’s taken over. He’s built a new counter and everything 😉