CLIC24 weatherwatch

I’m going to spend this week getting stuff out of the cellar ready for CLIC, taking delivery of a new gazebo that’ll probably blow away in a hurricane (although it won’t be waterproof so it’ll weigh a million tonnes because it looks like it’s going to whazz down) and having one or two “little” rides to check the bikes haven’t developed any problems.

The forecast for this week and next weekend down there is sometimes rain and sometimes no rain. Some wind. Some sun (but not much). God knows. I went for a run yesterday and I had large hailstones pinging off my head, so really, anything can happen nowadays.

The “second” bike is ready for a deluge – I’ve fitted mud tyres to it already – as soon as it starts raining the Global will be in the van and I’ll be “sending it” on the Scandal. Or is that “bringing it”? Whatever. It’s a strategy that will no doubt change several times between now and next weekend.

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