What doesn’t kill you…makes you itch

Debbie, the kids and me went over to Lee Quarry this morning to watch the race. Jacqui was racing, as was Simon (in the singlespeed cat). The weather continues to be AWESOME, I’m so giddy with it I’ve even been drinking beer 😉

Simon was 2nd singlespeeder (YAY!), Jacqui was 2nd laydee (YAY!). The winner of the singlespeed cat was running 32:18, so pretty spinny but obviously fast enough to maintain a good average. Food for thought I supppose…maybe 34:16 is just plain stupid.

Later on I went for a ride with Andrew – we did a local loop, explored some nice trails near Bolton, rode down some rather steep steps and generally had a lot of fun…which is what it’s all about after all. Some of the trailside plants have got out of hand though; it’s been a while since my arms and legs were itchy as much as this but I have a feeling that they will be buzzing for some days yet. My immunity to nettle stings normally kicks in around August so there’s some way to go yet before I can ride around here without squealing like a big girl.



Once I got home I opened another beer. What the hell is that all about?!!?