Quarry in daylight

I don’t think I’ve ridden at Lee quarry in daylight since last summer (when the place was a lot “smaller”). The brilliant weather and the fact that the rear hub on Michael’s bike appears to have fixed itself made our decision to get a ride in an easy one.I also wanted to see if I could ride the red route on a 34:16 singlespeed 😉

There’s one shortish but steep climb just after the “new” berms that had me riding so slowly that I kept stalling as the front wheel met a rock (leading to a dab and then a walk), but it would definitely be do-able with a 2:1 ratio. The rest of the climbs were fine so maybe I’ll persevere with the taller gear before the autumn race series.

The taller gear really helps on the flat and on the downs. I don’t think it felt “spinny” at all. I’m sure it would have if I was running 32:16 though..