Sold short

When me and Phil were munching on butties and cake at the caff in Hayfield last Wednesday, we were somewhat surprised and disappointed when we looked at the GPS for our total mileage. It felt like we’d ridden further, but the machine was telling us “no”. We took it as gospel at the time, shrugged and carried on. I was a bit concerened though that I had the GPS in my jersey pocket, underneath a rather large rucksack. I thought it might have lost signal on occasion.

Turns out it was wrong. After some more measuring and calculations by Phil and me seperately (Gmap, Anquet and the paper map), it turns out that my total mileage for that ride was 30 more than I thought at just short of 120 miles (A June century). That’s a total for Wednesday of 135 miles (added to the social ride that evening) and a total for the week of 286 miles. A new record!

Only 14 short of 300. Bugger!

Good news though. I’ll attach the GPS to the bars in future.