Chips and beer – food of champions

Friday was the annual Darwen Real Ale Wobble – loads of cyclists meet up at a pub, have a pint, ride to another pub, another pint, then another pub, then another pint…you get the idea. It all ends at the Black Horse in Darwen where chip butties are served, washed down with a fine selection of real ale. Well worth a visit…

Anyhow, Simon organises this each year and puts a route together. It’s a good un too, mostly offroad and with just enough bumpiness to keep you on your toes after a few bevvies. Good work fella!


My night ended with a 20 mile ride home, full of beer and chips. I failed to MTFU enough to keep all my Food Of Champions down though. That’ll teach me for trying to ride fast as I would do without 5 chip barms and 5 pints sloshing around in my tum 😦