idiot day

Yesterday must have been some kind of ‘Let’s a ll drive like knobheads’ day. I rode a regular route from here across to Oldham, Stalybridge, Glossop, Hayfield and over to Macc via some big ‘orrible climbs. It was pouring with rain, it was getting dark and it was very windy.

With this in mind I was using my brightest lights front and back and was also wearing a bright orange jacket. No matter, everyone was denying my existence anyway, pulling out, pulling across, turning left in front of me, the usual bollocks. One woman wound her window down to demonstrate with her stinking potty mouth just how much class she had after I had shouted “NO!” at her as she strarted to drive her car across my path.

It must be the fact that these people are sat in the safety of their cars that they think it’s ok to shout abuse, wave fingers, ignore cyclists because if they did this to someone face-to-face they’d probably get a slap.

Eventually I left the pillocks and their cars behind and arrived at the proper hills. It was completely dark by now and the wind had picked up. The horizontal rain had also returned and stayed with me until I reached Prestbury where a cottage pie was waiting 😉  My toes were frozen – time to dig out the overshoes again….