Daft Ride weatherwatch

Dave and I have got another huge Daft Ride planned for this weekend. If the epic-ness of past Daft Rides are anything to go by, this one promises to be BIG.

The weather forecast however suggests that it’s going to be very wet, very windy and possibly pushing the daftness much closer to the ‘stupidity barrier’ than ever before.In fact, there’s a ‘severe weather warning’ for the next few days for most of the area we’ll be riding. 

We’d be silly to attempt such a big ride across such wild and desolate terrain in those conditions – there are 5 ‘major ford crossings’ that might just be deeper than they usually are, it’s likely that the wind will be right in our faces for most of the route, the weather in the last couple of weeks will make sure that the route will be very muddy in lots of places, not to mention the relentless climbing. It’s long enough to ensure we start and finish in darkness too.

Sod it we thought, after several nanoseconds of pondering. It’ll be ace, Let’s do it. 😉