aaaargh I can’t see!

Road ride last night with Phil. I’d not seen Phil since the 3 Peaks so I was looking forward to the catch-up. We decided to meet up in Bury, ride over to Rochdale, Littleborough, climb Bacup Rd the towards Burnley via the road across the moors (by the Singing Ringing Tree) the down through Rawtenstall and home.

The first hour or so was great – quite a hefty tailwind and an average speed of about 28mph through Walsden. Once we started to climb towards Bacup though, things got very interesting….

As we gradually gained altitude over the 3 mile or so climb, the weather got gradually worse. The already-strong wind started to really gust, it was now a side-wind too so remaining in control was challenging to say the least. The rain was getting heavier, in fact by the time we neared the summit of the climb visibility was very poor mainly because lifting my head up from a facing-down position resulted in heavy rain being blasted straight at it, like being attacked with one of those crowd control water cannons.

The water cannoning got worse and worse as we rode over the top of the hill and started the descent to Bacup. Grovelling down the hill, we both had heads tilted to catch the full force of the deluge on the tops of our heads, bodies completly soaking but by now laughing uncontrollably.

We sensibly cut the route short at this point and took the most direct route home – by now our average speed had dropped a fair bit and we were both getting cold – having to put in extra effort just to stay warm and maintain a reasonable pace into what was now a pretty fierce headwind.

After going our seperate ways in Ramsbottom I carried on as quickly as I could back through the deserted centre of Bury, arriving home just before uncontrollable shivering set in.