Another Peaks road ride

48 miles

Wet, windy and grey again. Fast ride though. Best bit: flying downhill from Stalybridge to Mottram at 44mph. Worst bit: the last big climb from Whaley Bridge to Pott Shrigley. That’s a right sod, that is, especially when I had to move into the path of a tool in a Saxo to avoid the rotting carcass of a badger.

I’ve finally realised that if I really concentrate on relaxing my shoulders a bit more whilst climbing, it’s loads easier. I’m rediscovering “sitting and spinning”, in fact. “Standing and powering over the hill like a hero” has its place, but sometimes it’s just so uncivilised ;0)

Winter resistance training

Phil came over yesterday with Iona, Keira, a bike and their trailer for a ride of the HTN course (the bits without gates, for obvious reasons). Muddy, wet, cold and grey but good fun. Phil’s kids loved it, Rachael on the other hand fell asleep despite the bumpiness of the ride. These trailers are remarkably capable off-road, despite doing a good job of collecting several pounds of mud from the rear wheel – in fact it’s unlikely that the little occupants of each trailer were able to see out after half an hour or so.

A couple of stops for bananas and chocolate, more miles than we thought we’d be able to ride before the girls all started kicking off and we’re back just as it started raining.



Hit The North

The website is up and running. Warren has had a real push on it this week and has done a brilliant job of it. If you want a website that looks blimmin fantastic, he’s your man.

The online entry system needs some fettling but should be done by the end of the week.Β The entry form is on the site so we’re officially accepting entries πŸ˜‰ Yay!

This is going to be ace. I’m looking forward to seeing how all this pans out, and I’m PROUD to be a part of it.

Here’s to a successful, sold-out race and loads of money raised for sick kids, bushes and bats.

I’m in! Again!

My Fred Whitton Challenge entry was successful. This time I’m gonna nail dat sucka (not get lost in other words). Hopefully I can fit in a couple of sportives before that, namely the Lakeland Loop and the Cheshire Cat. I still need to give some focus to the Gran Canaria enduro first though but given the weather at the moment I’m road riding mostly anyway. I can’t be arsed with the mud and gloop most of the time these days – maybe something to do with the complete lack of summer last year. It’s not been much of a winter either, so far. In fact, it feels like it’s been autumn for over a year….where’s the frosty, solid ground and fast night rides?Β I’m only 7 weeks from Gran Canaria on Monday, so I’m going to be forcing myself to get the mountain bike(s) out more regularly. Say hello if you’re on Rooley Moor Road at 10pm on a Monday evening….

I’m ready to start assembling the Global Ti Softail this weekend, now I’ve got all the remaining bits. That should get my MTB mojo going again. I’m quite ashamed of the fact that the frame has been in the cellar, unbuilt for over 6 months. The fork has been sat there for almost 2 years!

I’m also getting a ride in this weekend near Macc Forest on the singlespeed. I’ve got a fiendish 28-mile route in my head that should put some hairs on the old chest.

Wet road ride

30 miserable, late night miles.

Quick(ish) road ride last night. Felt pretty good for the first 45 minutes or so, I had a strong tail wind and I felt like I could easily ride at 30 mph for ever. The rain, however, was starting to get on my tits as it wasn’t about to stop, in fact it was getting heavier. I rode through Bury, up the old road towards Rochdale and rode up the Ashworth Valley climb to Cheesden. I could hardly see through my misted-up glasses, the road is unlit and there was a river running down it. Once at the top and I started to ride down to Edenfield things got worse until I couldn’t see at all with the glasses on, and was getting sprayed right in the eyes with ice and grit with them off.Β I held a car off all the way to the bottom of the hill though. No way he was going faster than I was πŸ˜‰