the weather forecasts today are telling me that the high winds that are currently blasting outside are going to continue and get worse all night and into tomorrow. 60mph gusts are expected around here, so I’m rethinking my century ride strategy….I’ll probably get the mountain bike out and “stay low” and preferably off the roads. Next weekend will hopefully be more suitable. I know I should just toughen up, but hey ho. I’d rather avoid 60mph headwinds on the road bike if possible.

It looks like the “lucky few” racing this weekend at the Strathpuffer 24 are going to get battered by a full-on hurricane and blizzards. I wish I was there. honest.

EDIT: Another BBC stitch-up. No wind AT ALL this morning. I didn’t bother fixing the road bike yesterday as I was expecting trees to be falling over and stuff. Bah.


Early ride this morning, 5am start, usual road route, nothing unusual happened. Still feeling good (yay), felt fast, WAS fast 😉

I definately didn’t need overshoes, a jacket, long sleeve jersey and winter gloves though. It was a tropical 8 degrees!

The BB on the road bike is creaking like a bugger. I’ll have to sort that or it’ll drive me insane on Sunday. Thanks for the route advice on the previous post – I think I’m going to do the short Pendle Pedal route – this, plus the ride to and from the loop will give me about 110 hilly miles. If anyone wants to join in, I’m setting off at 5…

route suggestion needed

I really, really enjoyed last night’s ride. This is the last time I’ll mention being ill for what seemed like an eternity because I think it’s getting quite boring but last night was the first time in ages, certainly since I started to feel crap, that I was loving riding my bike. Surprising really, as the milder temperature has returned my usual route to the traditional winter quagmire.

Probably as a result of my optimistic mood I felt physically stronger than I have done in ages too. I even cleaned the steep climb past Roger’s flat up to the start of Trim The Bush*

It’s all good again.

Anyway – I’ve got a road century planned for Sunday but I’ve not decided on a route. I was thinking of going West towards the coast and making it mainly flat or heading North to Horton in Ribblesdale and back, taking in the Nick of Pendle on the way. Or perhaps East over the border into Yorkshire….or South to the Peak District and into Cheshire.

What would YOU do?


*it’s a longish story

Cyclocross National Championships

I marshalled at the National Cyclocross Championships yesterday; well, we all did really. I stood there at a pedestrian crossing point just after the first bend in the course, making sure nobody got splattered by a high speed cyclist whilst Deb and the kids sat on deck chairs, drank tea, ate hot dogs and took photos. Apart from it being really cold and windy, it was a good day out. It also means that my 3 Peaks entry is now guaranteed, so no messing about getting my entry form in the first post and more importantly, no worries about whether my entry will be successful or not.


The racing itself was great to watch at times, the speed of the top riders really was quite something. The highlight had to be the senior men’s race, Nick Craig and Rob Jebb, whilst neither of them were at the front, were battling with each other for a couple of laps at least whilst the fight for the win in the closing stages of the race between Oli Beckinsale, Jody Crawforth, Paul Oldham and Roger Hammond was monumental.

I had a fondle of a Scott Carbon Cyclocross bike on the Kudu Bikes stand – I wasn’t expecting it to weigh less than a bag of sweets to be honest. I officially want one. 😉

I didn’t ride much over the weekend, a quick 20 miler on the road bike on Saturday morning was my lot. I did go for a run immediately afterwards though. I had planned to ride to Bradford but that plan changed, thankfully. The wind would not have been much fun on the way there, especially taking the necessary route over Blackstone Edge…