SITS weatherwatch

I know I said last year that I’d not be racing at Catton Park this year, or any other year, but I am. Even though the course is a bit pants when it’s dry and deteriorates alarmingly when it’s a bit damp, after the decent rides at CLIC24 and Mountain Mayhem and the fact that I should have (depending on the speed of US or Taiwanese courier firms) a shiny new bike to race on hopefully sometime this week, I’m going to be there again. Me and Dave are doing a glitzy product launch 😉

At the moment the forecasts I’ve seen or have been looking at suggest that maybe, perhaps, with a bit of luck…’s going to be dry. Ish.

I’ll pack Small Block 8’s, Racing Ralphs and Cyclocross tyres. Maybe flat pedals and fell running shoes too. Ready for owt.