dark mornings are back, in case you hadn’t noticed

Up at 5am this morning, out on the ‘cross bike by ten past, rode up to Affetside, Edgworth, Crowthorn School and climbed up on the track past the Maggot Farm to the Holcombe firing range. In contrast to Saturday’s ride I felt great, in fact I’m in the mood for giving myself a right good kicking this week. The best thing about early morning rides (apart from the superiority complex one can enjoy for the rest of the day) is that you set off with lights then ride home in daylight, instead of the other way around. I’m also planning to tear around the MTL on Friday so hopefully the new bearings for the BB in the Ragley will arrive on time and hopefully the ‘tropical storm’ forecast for this week will all be over by then too.


(Crap picture not doing dawn on the moors much justice)

A tropical storm in Lancashire eh. Fancy.