hittin’ it hard

This week’s ‘battering myself’ week is going well so far. I even managed a run AND an interval session on the turbo last night, another 5am ride this morning, an hour or so in the gym yesterday and the MTL Doorstep Challenge ride at (bloody) 4am tomorrow is still on. The weekend is looking quite busy too…I’m expecting at some point to be riding a personal favourite; down the PBW towards Buxton on the ‘cross bike.

Still feeling good but very, very hungry. I’m pleased that my motivation and ability to train hard appear to have returned with a vengeance though.

I’ve also realised that the next few weekends are a bit mental. Next weekend we’re celebrating Deb’s birthday (yes, it’s a milestone!). The weekend after it’s the Manx End to End. The weekend after it’s Another Twinklydave and Terrahawk Daft Ride ™ – this one will blow yer socks off. The weekend after that it’s the 3 Peaks Cyclocross. The weekend after that it’s Dusk ‘til Dawn (12 hours of riding in the dark in Thetford, me and Simon racing as a pair)…then the weekend after that the cyclocross season appears to start in earnest.

Blimey Charlie.