just like the old days

I’ve been taking it relatively easy this week in prep for the Fred Whitton on Sunday. Apart from a fairly easy ride with Warren last night I’ve done nowt in fact. Warren’s not ridden for ages so he did well to complete the 25-ish mile loop last night with no bother at all. We went up to Ashworth Valley and back via some urban cheekies I had up my sleeve. It was great – just enjoying riding bikes for the hell of it for a change rather than trying to keep one’s heart rate in a particular zone or trying to improve one aspect or another. We were riding in a cloud of dust most of the time, kicking it up from our rear wheels. Everywhere is so dry at the moment I rode the Global, still with Small Block 8’s on it from Gran Canaria.

Some developments for Hit the North – more entries have arrived, a kind sponsor is going to print the number boards for us for nowt (see below for a preview of what they should look a bit like) and we’re going to have a proper, pumps-and-everything, licensed, BAR. If that doesn’t bring in the punters nothing will.




5 thoughts on “just like the old days

  1. How long for a torn rotator cuff? Seems like a lifetime but more like 20 months. Easy? I felt like I was taking the dog for a walk as I was bimbling away in the granny and Jase was riding up and down the hill in the big ring talking (What sounded like) broken biscuits to me. Watch out Fred.

  2. Nice work Warren -glad to hear you’re out again!
    Maybe see you sometime soon?

    Good luck for Sunday Jase – hope it’s not too hot, look forward to hearing about it.

  3. Hiya simon – I spotted your upcoming loop on IFB and am in two minds, maybe a few more shorter rides before a Nopies epic might be a wise move!
    I hear The Shaman is in top form…

  4. Nice pic. “You can see my house from here”

    How did the Whitton go today? We had a bit of a non event this year with punctures and a lack of training, but it’s still good fun in a strange way.

  5. Hi Dave. I saw a few of your lot, including a gang (flock? herd?) of women in the Wheelbase van at the top of Kirkstone. See above…
    Anyway, I need to talk to you about a “Cyclocross/Hit the North winter sprint” event we’ve been nattering about recently. I’ll mail you.

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