Another HTN preview

Contrary to the BBC forecast, the weather today was brilliant. Warm and sunny. Yes. WARM AND SUNNY. Maybe the BBC are just taking the piss. They’ve said it’s going to rain tomorrow now. Bet it doesn’t.

Another impressively large group of mountain bikers assembled in the car park up the road and off we went to do a lap of the course. It dries out so quickly that there was hardly any mud anywhere and the normally super-sketchy-in-the-wet downhill section through the campsite woods was rideable (at speed) and lined with bluebells and wild garlic. Heaven.

One of our number crashed in the bombhole and cracked her helmet. We’ve decided on a perfect alternative route around it now, good job too as the potential for carnage on the day is a worry.

Michael came out with me on the ride. I was really pleased about that as he’s not ridden for a while and we should just ride together more often. So we will. I’ve got him a new frame. It’s a bit of a brute.