just like the old days

I’ve been taking it relatively easy this week in prep for the Fred Whitton on Sunday. Apart from a fairly easy ride with Warren last night I’ve done nowt in fact. Warren’s not ridden for ages so he did well to complete the 25-ish mile loop last night with no bother at all. We went up to Ashworth Valley and back via some urban cheekies I had up my sleeve. It was great – just enjoying riding bikes for the hell of it for a change rather than trying to keep one’s heart rate in a particular zone or trying to improve one aspect or another. We were riding in a cloud of dust most of the time, kicking it up from our rear wheels. Everywhere is so dry at the moment I rode the Global, still with Small Block 8’s on it from Gran Canaria.

Some developments for Hit the North – more entries have arrived, a kind sponsor is going to print the number boards for us for nowt (see below for a preview of what they should look a bit like) and we’re going to have a proper, pumps-and-everything, licensed, BAR. If that doesn’t bring in the punters nothing will.