Didn’t make it (again)

28 miles (mostly) offroad.

I set off a few minutes later than I had intended to last night. At 8:45 I was supposed to be meeting Phil at Rooley Moor Road which is 12 miles away on the road. In an attempt to make up a 20 minute deficit, I had to give myself a kicking pretty much from the off. By the time I got there I was nicely warmed up 😉

We didn’t have time (again) to go over to the new trails at Lee Quarry so we did some other stuff instead. Trails that are so uncharacteristically dry at the moment I didn’t recognise them.

I still can’t get the USE fork’s air pressure right. I spent half of last night with it too soft, the other half being pinged off rocks because it was too firm.

On the way home, I was verbally abused by a Glasgow Rangers fan. I’m glad they lost.