busy weekend

Out early again yesterday for a road ride. Uneventful. Fast. 2 hours.

Then met Chris the bloke from Mountain Biking UK for a photoshoot (no kidding). They’re planning a Hit the North article in the next issue of the mag so they wanted someone photogenic to ride the same 10 feet of trail repeatedly with a camera lens pointing at them. Nobody good looking was available, so I had to do. The bombhole actually got BORING after take 26…I can’t post any of the photos here just yet due to potential copyright issues, but the ones I’ve seen look ace. More importantly, we should be generating a lot more interest and buzz about the race which will help with that final “push” on the entries. The preview rides are doing their bit to keep the gossip going too – another successful one yesterday with only a minor injury to one bloke’s nutsack apparently.

After the bombhole/camera interval session, I rode over to Macc on the ‘cross bike. I didn’t get chance to ride off road much, but it was hard, into a headwind mostly and by the time I’d got to the end of it I’d earned a cuppa.