broken stuff

There seems to be a lot of broken stuff around me at the moment.

Last night, had a big ride planned on the cross bike, fast ride on road up to the quarries, off road for a bit then more on-road. My Dinotte light wouldn’t switch off or go on a dim setting. I had to disconnect the battery to turn it off. Brant reckons it might be in “programming mode” which is pretty impressive for a rear bicycle light. I’m used to that sort of thing with Cisco routers, but not little red lights.

I got out of the back gate and noticed that the rear wheel had a wobble in it much more severe than normal. On further inspection I noticed that one of the spokes had snapped. Grrr.

Back in the house I went – swap bikes, swap lights over. I’m now riding the Patriot and I’ve decided that I’m going to do a much shorter ride. Partly because the bike’s a lot heavier but mostly because I’m really not in the f***ing mood any more.

Then the head tube badge of the Patriot falls off. I’ve not lost it, but I need to stick it back on. Bizarre.

Tomorrow I’ve got a day off and I’ve an offroad century planned. It’s going to be ace, providing nothing else breaks.