Monkey man

The photos from the Fred appeared on the photographer’s website yesterday. They were quite expensive but I had to buy this one ‘cos I look so goddamn ugly on it.

phwoaar! Eh? Eh?

Didn’t make it (again)

28 miles (mostly) offroad.

I set off a few minutes later than I had intended to last night. At 8:45 I was supposed to be meeting Phil at Rooley Moor Road which is 12 miles away on the road. In an attempt to make up a 20 minute deficit, I had to give myself a kicking pretty much from the off. By the time I got there I was nicely warmed up 😉

We didn’t have time (again) to go over to the new trails at Lee Quarry so we did some other stuff instead. Trails that are so uncharacteristically dry at the moment I didn’t recognise them.

I still can’t get the USE fork’s air pressure right. I spent half of last night with it too soft, the other half being pinged off rocks because it was too firm.

On the way home, I was verbally abused by a Glasgow Rangers fan. I’m glad they lost.



Fred Whitton Challenge

I have a new “Hardest Ride I’ve Ever Done”. 112 miles, 5000 ish metres of climbing, stupidly steep hills and a very hot day.

I finished in 7:16, 16 minutes beyond my target of an “elite” 7 hours or less. If I’d had anything left in the tank in the last 20 miles things might have been different. Anyhoo, I’m quite pleased with that. I’ll need to do it again if I can though…

This is what I’ve learned today.

1. I’m not great in hot weather. Maybe I should train all summer wearing a fleece-lined hoody.

2. I get all fuzzy at distances above 80 miles at the moment. I used to be good for more than that. This fuzzy thing happened at Huddersfield but rather fortunately that one was 84 miles long. I’ve got to get 2007-style long rides and centuries in.

3. 1.5 litres of water at the second feed station might seem like a good idea in 26 degrees of heat, but it isn’t. It makes you feel sick, especially when you wash it down with flapjack and caffeine-laced energy gel.

4. I might have been hurting, but I wasn’t hurting as much as the bloke that crashed riding down Hardknott or the guy who appeared to be riding the route on a Specialized Enduro complete with big Fox fork and wide knobbly tyres on.

Right. Solo racing at Mountain Mayhem in 6 weeks. I’d better get riding mountain bikes again.

just like the old days

I’ve been taking it relatively easy this week in prep for the Fred Whitton on Sunday. Apart from a fairly easy ride with Warren last night I’ve done nowt in fact. Warren’s not ridden for ages so he did well to complete the 25-ish mile loop last night with no bother at all. We went up to Ashworth Valley and back via some urban cheekies I had up my sleeve. It was great – just enjoying riding bikes for the hell of it for a change rather than trying to keep one’s heart rate in a particular zone or trying to improve one aspect or another. We were riding in a cloud of dust most of the time, kicking it up from our rear wheels. Everywhere is so dry at the moment I rode the Global, still with Small Block 8’s on it from Gran Canaria.

Some developments for Hit the North – more entries have arrived, a kind sponsor is going to print the number boards for us for nowt (see below for a preview of what they should look a bit like) and we’re going to have a proper, pumps-and-everything, licensed, BAR. If that doesn’t bring in the punters nothing will.